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Playground Rubber Mulch PlaySafest

Playground Rubber Mulch PlaySafest is one of the safest play surfaces available. It has been acknowledged by The CBS Morning Show, MSNBC, CNN, NJ News 12 and in the Wall Street Journal for its ability to protect children and adults from the impact of slips and falls.

It’s produced with quality assurance to provide unmatched durability and a beautiful appearance to boot. PlaySafest™ Rubber Playground Mulch is available in standard Black as well in colors such as Terracotta, Forest Green, Brown, Ocean Blue and custom colors by request.

According to an independent comparison study, the impact a child would receive from falling 7 inches onto 12 inches of playground wood mulch is the same impact child would receive falling over 14 feet onto 6 inches of PlaySafest™ Rubber Playground Mulch which equates to a 100 percent increase in height and impact protection.

PlaySafest™ Rubber Playground Mulch is ADA-approved and meets the latest CPSC safety guidelines, ASTM F-1951 and F-1292. It’s approved for use on township, county, state, and federal playgrounds. This product eliminates the yearly labor and expense of replacing wood mulches and is always clean, dry, and insect free and it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. For more information visit PlaySafest Playground Rubber Mulch.